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Almond Farms Keep Growing, and Keep Moving on Water Conservation

November 16, 2018

California grows 80 percent of the world’s almonds, generating $11 billion annually for the state’s economy. Richard Waycott of the Almond Board of California explains what the industry is doing to use less water and stretch every drop.

Source: Water Deeply By: Daniel Beaulieu

Drone Helping to Improve Water Conservation on Campus

November 13, 2018

With concerns regarding climate change, energy conservation and clean water supply, an electrical engineering student, Marwan Madi of UT-Austin, pitched the idea of using a drone for monitoring and studying premises of a building to improve water conservation. The Daily Texan reported on the local competition where Madi and his team won the National Innovation Merit Award for the drone in a competition that encouraged students to address world issues through engineering. Their idea essentially is using a drone with imaging technology to assess the health of plants growing on campus.  The Lyndon B. Johnson Library has a lawn surrounding it, which uses up as much as 20 percent of the total irrigation water on campus. UT Landscape Services is gathering data about this lawn which will be used to refine the control systems used in the drones.

Source: Drone Below By: Muhammad Usama

Sustainable irrigation could feed extra 2.8 billion people

November 13, 2018

Today many regions rely on ever more sophisticated irrigation systems, using pumps and water sensors to grow crops on otherwise unworkable land as efficiently as possible. But not every part of the world benefits from modern irrigation and lack of freshwater is often the major limiting factor in crop production. Now a study reveals that global irrigation levels could sustainably increase by nearly 50%, boosting crop yields and feeding an additional 2.8 billion people.

Source: Physics World By: Kate Ravilious

Sprays vs. rotors

November 2, 2018

We take them head-to-head to find the best irrigation solutions.

Source: Lawn & Landscape Market Leadership By: Catherine Meany

Checklist for Winterizing Your Center Pivot

October 29, 2018

Irrigation season has wrapped up here in Nebraska.  Now is a good time to evaluate you center pivot to make sure it is ready for winter and for another growing season.  Here is a quick list of things to look at before winter sets in.

Source: University of Nebraska Extension By: Troy Ingram