The Irrigation Innovation Consortium (IIC) is a collaborative research effort to accelerate the development and adoption of water and energy efficient irrigation technologies and practices through public-private partnerships. The Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research (FFAR) provides funding for the project on a 1:1 basis with non-federal dollars. Funds from non-federal partners support individual projects, specific university collaborators, or the full IIC. Together with foundation funds, these strategic collaborative partnerships will catalyze innovative technology development and enhanced strategies for irrigation efficiency.

The Consortium has five founding university partners and eight founding industry partners (please visit the Partners page for more information on these entities). Initial participants are working to create a platform for other universities, federal agencies and the private sector to work together on the critical water challenges facing agriculture, municipalities and industry. This platform will allow for the development of more strategic collaborative partnerships that generate new synergies by leveraging each other’s expertise, technology and resources.

Project Goals

The overarching goal of the IIC is to create an internationally recognized, self-sustaining center of excellence that promotes and enhances water and energy efficiency in irrigation, ultimately creating greater resiliency in food and irrigated landscape systems. Building dynamic, collaborative public-private partnerships will help to increase access to information and technical expertise, while enhancing irrigation technology innovation.

Geographic Region

The Consortium seeks to address growing water scarcity domestically (e.g. western United States) and internationally by enhancing energy and water use efficiency in irrigated food systems and amenity landscapes.

More Information

Press Release – April 27, 2018

IIC Flyer

IIC Brochure


October 22, 2:00-2:45 pm MT: Webinar walkthrough and Q&A about the 2021 IIC Request for Proposals. Led by IIC PI Allan Andales and IIC Executive Director Tim Martin. This session will be recorded. RSVP to receive call-in details or request a link to the recording of this webinar.


October 13th, 2020 2-3 ET: Wi-Fi What you need to Know to Look Like a Pro

During this webinar, you will learn the key fundamentals of the world of Wi-Fi and connected devices as they apply to green industry professionals. Learn what you need to know to look like a pro in the field and exude confidence with connecting and managing connections.


October 16th: Designing for Resilience 12pm PDT

In reckoning with the impact from a global pandemic and environmental disasters of 2020, landscape architecture is in a unique position in its ability to respond and help lead us forward with designs for resilience to these events in the future. What are these themes and ideas landscape architects are considering right now?


Irrigation 20/2o October 30th 12-1:30 ET

Irrigation 20/20 is a FREE special feature to be hosted by the Irrigation Association offering a more intimate venue with insights from some of the industry’s most knowledgeable figures. These discussions will focus on the challenges and opportunities within the IA and the future of the irrigation industry in a post-COVID-19 world.



Submissions for the 2021 Excellence in Irrigation Awards are now Being Accepted!

Excellence in Irrigation Honor and Merit Award winners are selected based on the quality of project planning,  design functionalism, environmental responsibility, and relevance. The projects are independently judged by a jury of knowledgeable and nationally recognized members of academia, irrigation consultants, industry members or public agency officials, who are looking for evidence of unique problem solving;  forward-thinking water resource management solutions and clarity in presentation. Entry categories include Commercial/Public Works; Parks and Recreational Fields; Golf; Residential; Water Management/Planning and Analysis; Research. Members and non-members may submit their entry for consideration.


IA announces Industry Insights webinar series

The Irrigation Association is excited to announce the start of its Industry Insights webinar series beginning in October and extending through April 2021. Industry Insights will feature two different webinar series: one focused on agriculture irrigation and the other focused on landscape irrigation and lighting.



Transformational Irrigation Technologies for 2020
Presented by Aric Olson, President of Jain Irrigation this webinar training provides a framework for where technologies have come from and how they can be applied to other market segments.


Farmer Led Irrigation Seminar
Organized by the Water for Food Daughtry Global  Institute, this 2-part webinar focuses on accelerating inclusive farmer-led irrigation development: a sustainable approach to reaching scale.
Part 1
Part 2


Irrigation Glossary
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Tools from EPRI
Resources and tools that irrigators can use to improve their field yield and to save on energy and water costs


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