Mission Statement

Accelerate the development & adoption of novel water & energy efficient irrigation technologies and practices through public-private partnerships.

Project Goals

To create an internationally recognized, self-sustaining center of excellence that promotes and enhances water and energy efficiency in irrigation, ultimately creating greater resiliency in food and irrigated landscape systems. 

Manny 600x700

Manny Deleon installs equipment for a DIY
water conservation sampler in Fort Collins, CO.

Research Themes


IIC Network and Connections

The Consortium has five founding university partners and eight founding industry partners (please visit the Partners page for more information on these entities). Initial participants are working to create a platform for other universities, federal agencies and the private sector to work together on the critical water challenges facing agriculture, municipalities and industry. This platform will allow for the development of more strategic collaborative partnerships that generate new synergies by leveraging each other’s expertise, technology and resources.

The Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research (FFAR) provides funding for the project on a 1:1 basis with non-federal dollars. Funds from non-federal partners support individual projects, specific university collaborators, or the full IIC. Together with foundation funds, these strategic collaborative partnerships will catalyze innovative technology development and enhanced strategies for irrigation efficiency.