Each IIC research project involves at least one industry and one IIC university partner.
False Color Remote

José Chávez, Colorado State University; Daran Rudnick, University of Nebraska Lincoln; Juan Enciso, Texas A&M University; Florence Cassel, Fresno State University

Partner: Lindsay Corporation

Abstract: Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) and satellites have been recognized as excellent platforms to provide near real-time feedback of temporal and spatial conditions found in agricultural fields throughout the growing season…read more

Josh Craver Project

Joshua Craver, Colorado State University

Industry Partners: Vertical Irrigation LLC 

Abstract: Vertical indoor farming is capturing a larger market share of food production, yet problems in this nascent field remain…read more

Turf 2019

Cathie Lavis, Dale Bremer, Jack Fry and Jared Hoyle, Kansas State University;  Benjamin Wherley and Ambika Chandra, Texas A&M AgriLife Research;  Jay Ham, Tony Koski and Yaling Qian, Colorado State University

Industry Partner: The Toro Company

Abstract: Landscape irrigation strategies usually rely on calendar or evapotranspiration (ET) schedules that completely ignore soil moisture…read more

Christopher Neale

Christopher Neale, Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute at the University of Nebraska

Industry Partner: LICOR

Abstract: This project will expand the Parallel 41 network of eddy covariance flux being implemented in the Central Plains of the US…read more

AdobeStock 245562438 [Converted]

Fayzul Pasha, Ph.D., P.E., California State University Fresno

Industry Partners: WiseConn, AgH2O, Dynamax, Jain Irrigation, and Irrometer

Abstract: Artificial intelligence (AI) will be used to develop a model for estimating crop water demand…read more

Filtration Collage 2

Kaomine S. Vang, Center for Irrigation Technology-Fresno State

Industry partner: Perigo LLC

Abstract: Filters for sand media filtration are typically designed to operate at pressures too high for drip irrigation…read more

Next Generation Technology for Monitoring Edge-of-Field (EoF) Water Quality in Agriculture

Emmanuel Deleon, Erik Wardle, Jay Ham, Dylan Casey, and Christina Welch

Abstract: Irrigated agriculture has the potential to be a contributor to non-point source water quality issues…read more


Abstract: We describe the implementation of a cost-effective ecosystem-monitoring network and subsequently use the observations to inform well-known evapotranspiration equations to test if a model can replicate processes that generate the data…read more

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