Each IIC research project involves at least one industry and one IIC university partner.
Economic Impact Of Irrigation 2

Partners: Irrigation Association, Headwaters Corporation, IIC’s five partner universities (CSU, KSU, Fresno State, TX A&M, UNL)

Contact: George Oamek 

Abstract: How large is the economic impact in the U.S. of irrigation manufacturing, distribution, consulting, design, installation, and maintenance of irrigation technologies and products, for both agricultural and landscape contexts?…

Eddy Covariance 2020 2

Partners: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Kansas State University, LICOR, The Climate Corporation

Contact: Christopher Neale, Eduardo Santos 

Abstract: This project adds 5 additional eddy covariance towers donated by industry partners to the Parallel 41 network located across the Central Plains of the U.S., The Climate Corporation…

Sensors 2

Partners: Colorado State University, AeXonis, Toro

Contact: Jay Ham 

Partners: Colorado State University, Kansas State University, AeXonis, Toro

Abstract: A.I.-based autonomous control of irrigation systems in the urban landscape has the potential to transform irrigation management of turfgrass…

Toward Pivot Automation

Partners: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USDA-ARS-Bushland, TX, Valmont Industries

Contact: Derek Heeren

Abstract: Increasing adoption of irrigation scheduling is a critically needed next step to advancing irrigation management in the sub-humid eastern portion of the Great Plains, which itself can be made easier through automating irrigation systems…

Partners: California State University-Fresno, WiseConn USA, Irrometer

Contact: Dilruba Yeasmin 

Abstract: This study builds on findings from a 2013 survey in which California growers from 18 counties described perceived changes in irrigation water use related to adopting precision agriculture technology…


Partners: Nebraska Water Balance Alliance, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Growers Information Services Cooperative, Olsson Engineering, Twin Platte Natural Resources District

Contact: Dayle McDermitt

Abstract: Using two test areas in western Nebraska—one with stable well depths and outputs, the other with in-season variability in well depth and output—this project will evaluate and compare the accuracy of a new tool that uses energy use records to estimate consumptive water use.

Thumbnail DSC09364

Partners: California State University-Fresno, Nitricity

Contact: Nico Pinkowski

Abstract: Nitrogen fertilizer isn’t cheap and its production uses lots of energy. What if there was a way to make soluble nitrogen right in the field?…

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