Lead Researcher: Kaomine Vang, Fresno State University
Industry Partner: Perigo LLC 

This project developed and tested a new filtration device. During this project variables such as compaction of the media and different media type all affected the outcome of the testing. These variables were not accounted for therefore some results were surprising. Additionally, the canister holding the media needed modification for less head loss. In the end, after making the necessary adjustments the unit worked similarly as planned. However, the pressure loss of the unit was higher than anticipated.

Project Background:
Common media filters require anywhere from 30-50 psi to operate properly. With the advent of new irrigation technology and drip tape designs, such high-pressure ratings are non-optimal and can be destructive to a drip system. Currently, most drip tape operates in the range of 8 to 15 psi, which means that the excess pressure is energy wasted. New designs in media filtration that perform the same functions of the technology currently in use while operating at lower pressures can lead to significant energy cost savings.