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Three pitfalls in irrigation design.

This chapter deals with three common pitfalls in irrigation design: the use of too optimistic friction factors when applying the Manning formula in small unlined channels; the unbalanced design procedure that largely 'follows the direction of the flow'; and the adherence to a high water use effic... Read More

Water resources, irrigation and drainage.

Water management in agriculture attempts to increase soil moisture storage and minimize all losses, including evapotranspiration. Percolation and seepage, soil moisture storage, and evapotranspiration and its measurement are described. Methods of increasing crop water use efficiency, rainfall har... Read More

Management of salt affected soils and use of saline water.

Salt affected soils in the Indian arid zone occur throughout arid Rajasthan, particularly in the northwest (Ghaggar river system) and southeast (Bilara-Sumerpur-Jalor). The characteristics of the salt affected soils are outlined and their management is discussed. In the northwest, management prac... Read More