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Crop sequencing.

The role of crop sequences in maintaining soil quality and improving production in the subtropical cereal belt of Australia is considered. The use of crop sequencing to conserve water and soil is discussed with reference to matching crop sequence to the environment, maintaining a soil moisture de... Read More

Integrated methods and models for deficit irrigation planning.

The fundamental goal of deficit irrigation is to improve water use efficiency and maximize profits through, among other things, a reduction in capital and operating costs. This chapter gives an overall perspective of deficit irrigation, from the basic concepts to some of the options, challenges, ... Read More

Sugar cane irrigation: a review.

Irrigation technology and water management are progressing in the Proserpine, Mackay and Burdekin areas of Australia. Water application represents 15% of the cost of cane production. Thus farmers are trying new equipment including the drip tape, the linear move and the centre pivot together with ... Read More

Climate change, world agriculture and land use.

Climate projections are related to land and water resource endowments to simulate how climate change might affect water supplies and the availability of agriculturally suitable land, and to analyse how these impacts might affect total world production of goods and services. The future agricultura... Read More