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Spatial variability of C-13 isotopic discrimination in corn.

Water stress influences photosynthesis induced isotopic 13C discrimination in C3 and C4 plants. In C4 plants, 13C discrimination increases with increasing water stress, while in C3 plants the opposite is true. The amount of 13C discrimination that occurs is a function of plant type, interactions ... Read More

LEPA irrigation developments.

Advances in low energy precision application (LEPA) irrigation during the 1990's were primarily in equipment development, surface storage measurement, runoff control, and guidelines for LEPA irrigation of specific crops. LEPA application efficiencies in the 95 to 98% range are attainable when sur... Read More

J. Phil Campbell, Sr., Natural Resource Conservation Center

The J. Phil Campbell, Senior, Natural Resource Conservation Center (JPCSNRCC) is part of the Agricultural Research Service, an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture, located in the South Atlantic Area. The mission of the J. Phil Campbell, Senior, Natural Resource Conservation C... Read More