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Meeting Water Challenges in Idaho through Water Banking

Idaho authorized water banking in 1979. Today, a statewide water bank functions as well as local rental pools. Stored water and natural flows are traded. The water bank and local rental pools are used to meet the needs of irrigators suffering from drought induced water shortages, to meet instream... Read More

System Optimization Review of Shafter-Wasco Irrigation District

As part of a larger system optimization review (SOR) that GEI Consultants, Bookman-Edmonston Division (GEI) conducted for the Poso Creek Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Region (Region), a portion of the budget was used to conduct a focused SOR to evaluate the Shafter-Wasco Irrigation Di... Read More

Urbanization Issues in the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District

Numerous rapidly growing urban areas in the western United States are located in irrigated river valleys. Agricultural irrigation in these communities is being affected by urbanization, and the characteristics and objectives of the irrigator population are also changing. New Mexico’s Middle Rio... Read More