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Irrigating Alfalfa with Limited Water Supplies

The evapotranspiration (ET) of fully-irrigated alfalfa ranges from 31.9 inches in northern California to 65.2 inches in the low desert areas of southern California. During low water years, however, ET may be reduced by limited amounts of applied water.

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Rising to the Climate Challenge

Agriculture dominates economic activity within Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin, with 41 percent of Australia’s gross value of agricultural production generated from the basin and about two-thirds of this total production exported. Historically low rainfall has resulted in cutbacks in irrigat... Read More

Cost Effective Irrigation Modernization: Nepal’s Experiences

With rising cropping intensity and more and more adaptation of high yielding varieties, the level of irrigation service demanded by farmers is on the rise. This coupled with greater fluctuations in supply sources due to issues like climate change has been making the task of the irrigation water s... Read More