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Monitoring Turf Water Status with Infrared Thermometry

New advances in the Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI) technique pioneered by Idso et al. (1981), Jackson et al (1981), and others have reduced the data requirements and development time for detection of water stress. These new methods, sometimes called the empirical CWSI (eCWSI, O’Shaughnessy and ... Read More

Using State Water Law for Efficient Water Use in the West

The prior appropriation doctrine, as adopted by water codes throughout the western states, creates water rights based on the time of appropriation. Under the prior appropriation system, water users must put water to beneficial use without waste, and may not sit on their rights without actually us... Read More

Initiating SCADA Projects in Irrigation Districts

Delivering water efficiently through distribution networks is a priority for irrigation districts but often is a difficult goal to achieve. SCADA shows promise of improving operational efficiency, increasing flexibility in the amount and timing of water deliveries, and reducing spills and other l... Read More

Water Production Functions for High Plains Crops

Increasing demands on limited water supplies will require maximizing crop production per unit water. Field studies are being carried out near Greeley, Colorado to develop
water production functions for crops grown in the Great Plains. These yield per unit water relationships can be used to ... Read More