Selected Research Must:

Have scientific Merit 
Involve an integrated team of industry and academic (and possibly other) partners
Involve at least one IIC partner university
Demonstrate innovation in precompetitive research
Have clear potential for impact
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 Research Priority Topics:

Water and energy efficiency
Remote sensing and big data applications 
System integration and management
Acceleration of technology development and/or adoption.
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Role of the Principal Investigator:

Lead to creative and collaborative co-development, testing, prototyping, and/or improvement of innovative equipment, technology, and information systems

Demonstrate potential to be transformative for the irrigation industry, irrigation end users, and/or society

Have their overall match include more cash (vs. in-kind) support

Projects >$100,000: demonstrate a committed match from their partners that exceeds the 1:1.25 minimum non-federal match requirement

Involve multiple industry, academic, non-profit organizations, and/or other IIC partners

Include an outreach, educational, or technology transfer component

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Deliverables and Reporting:

Brief quarterly reports will be submitted describing project progress.

Annual reports will be due on the last day of a project year.

Project completion reports are to be submitted within 60 days of the project’s final end date. These reports will describe the main findings and project accomplishments, including training provided, publications, impacts, and outcomes, progress related to collaboration and spending, and description and justification of any anticipated change to a project’s scope of work.

PIs will be required to provide a presentation, virtually or in-person, to the IIC extended community that summarizes and showcases completed project results and outcomes.

As appropriate, project team members may be encouraged to support IIC’s outreach goals and mission by contributing to or editing written content, serving on panels, and/or participating in filmed interviews about their IIC-supported work.