IIC Headquarters is a landscape and agricultural technology farm currently being developed in Fort Collins, CO with industry, CSU faculty, and student engagement so that this location can serve as an example of cutting edge irrigation technology and water management. 

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Farm Plan 2020


Drone Image Late Summer 2020

Goals for the IIC HQ:

Develop a state-of-the-art, instrumented location to showcase technologies

Provide hands-on training in new irrigation
technologies to diverse clientele

Provide on- or near-site evaluation of
irrigation systems and technologies

Provide a clearinghouse of current irrigation information

Provide training and outreach to regional
irrigated crop producers

Develop certification training and continuing
education for irrigation practitioners

Establish an instrumented hydraulics lab to certify and test gates, meters, and sensors, and offer training for industry personnel, students, and visitors

Girl In Well Cert

(Well Certification Student learns well
auditing skills at IIC HQ Fort Collins, CO.)

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