A holistic generic integrated approach for irrigation, crop and field management: 1. The SALTMED model structure and examples of applications.

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Year Published: 2003
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Author: Ragab, R.
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The SALTMED model has been developed for generic applications over a range of irrigation systems, soil types, soil stratifications, plant types, water application strategies (blending or cyclic), leaching requirements and water qualities. The model employs established water and solute transport, evapotranspiration and crop water uptake equations, and has been run with five examples of applications for one growing season. The model successfully illustrated the effect of the irrigation system, the soil type, the irrigation salinity level on soil moisture and salinity distribution, leaching requirements, and crop yield in all cases.

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application rates, crop yield, equations,evapotranspiration, horizons, irrigation scheduling, irrigation systems,irrigation water, leaching, mathematical models, saline soils, salinewater, soil fertility, soil salinity, soil types, soil water, solutes,transport processes, water quality, water uptake, water use efficiency,salt water, soil moisture, soil transport processes, transport processesin soil systems, water composition and quality, Soil Water Management(Irrigation and Drainage) (JJ800) (Revised June 2002) [formerly SoilWater Management], Mathematics and Statistics (ZZ100), Water Resources(PP200), Soil Fertility (JJ600), Field Crops (FF005) (New March 2000),Horticultural Crops (FF003) (New March 2000), Plant Water Relations(FF062), Soil Physics (JJ300)

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