Addressing Changes in Regional Groundwater Resources: Lessons from the High Plains Aquifer

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Year Published: 2017
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Author: Timothy Oleson
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The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) represents and serves the geoscience community by providing collaborative leadership and information to connect Earth, science, and people. We created the Critical Issues Forum series as a platform to reach a broader audience of decision makers, including those at the regional, state, and local levels, and to improve public understanding and perception of the geosciences. I am pleased to present this report summarizing the stimulating presentations and discussions from the second AGI Critical Issues Forum, Addressing Regional Groundwater Resources: Lessons from the High Plains Aquifer. Much has been written about the High Plains Aquifer, due to its critical importance as the major source of groundwater for irrigation in the High Plains region of the United States.
This aquifer spans eight states and supports the people and livelihood of region, while also maintaining an agricultural base that is responsible for nearly $35 billion in crops annually. The two-day meeting facilitated lively discussion on common groundwater challenges, resource management approaches, and communication strategies in the High Plains Aquifer region. The forum presentations and dialogue focused on two major questions:
• How have experts and stakeholders in High Plains Aquifer (HPA) states addressed depletion of regional groundwater resources?
• Are there lessons learned or best practices from the HPA and/or other aquifers?

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Publisher: American Geosciences Institute
ISBN: 978-1974166640

High Plains Aquifer, Ogallala Aquifer, groundwater, regional groundwater, water management

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