Alternate furrow irrigation with different irrigation intervals for maize (Zea mays L.).

Book Title: NA
Year Published: 2005
Month Published: NA
Author: Sepaskhah, A. R. ; Khajehabdollahi, M. H.
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This research was conducted to determine the yield and water-use efficiency of maize under fixed and variable alternate furrow irrigation (fixed AFI, variable AFI) and every furrow irrigation (EFI) at different irrigation intervals in areas with shallow and deep groundwater. In variable AFI, water was applied to the furrow, which was dry in the previous irrigation cycle. The results indicated that even at 4-day irrigation intervals the water needs of maize on a fine textured soil in both areas (with deep and shallow water table) are not met by AFI. The decrease in grain yield due to water stress was mainly due to the decrease in the number of grains per cob and to a lesser extent to the decrease in 1000-grain weight. At the Kooshkak site with shallow groundwater (between 1.31 and 1.67 m), grain yields in AFI at 4- and 7-day intervals were comparable to those obtained in EFI at 7- and 10-day intervals, respectively. This might be due to the contribution of groundwater to the water use of the plant (about 5-10%). In the Badjgah area, with deep water depth, grain yield in AFI at 7-day intervals was statistically lower than that obtained in EFI at 10-day interval. In AFI, a shorter irrigation interval (4-day) may alleviate the water stress and result in no yield reduction compared with that in EFI at 7-day intervals even though water application was reduced. Furthermore, in the area with a shallow water table, AFI at 7-day intervals may be superior to EFI at 10-day irrigation intervals. When seasonal irrigation water is less than 700 mm, it may be preferable to use AFI at 10-day intervals to increase water-use efficiency, especially in areas with shallow groundwater. In general, when water was insufficient for full irrigation, the relative grain yield (yield per unit water applied) of maize under AFI was higher than those under EFI.

Pages: 592 - 600
Volume: 8
Number: 5
Journal: Plant Production Science
Journal ISO: NA
Organization: NA
Publisher: NA
ISSN: 1343-943X

crop yield, furrow irrigation, groundwater, irrigationscheduling, irrigation water, maize, plant water relations, waterconservation, water use efficiency, Iran, Zea mays, West Asia, Asia,Middle East, Developing Countries, Threshold Countries, Zea, Poaceae,Cyperales, monocotyledons, angiosperms, Spermatophyta, plants, FieldCrops (FF005) (New March 2000), Plant Water Relations (FF062), PlantProduction (FF100), Soil Water Management (Irrigation and Drainage)(JJ800) (Revised June 2002) [formerly Soil Water Management]

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