Case study: municipal bioreactor used for contaminatedgroundwater treatment.

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Year Published: 2004
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Author: Schaal, W. ; Boyd, M. L.
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Municipal bioreactors designed for treatment of sanitary sewer waste water can be effectively used for treatment of groundwater contaminated with petroleum fuel hydrocarbons. There are important design considerations necessary for using municipal bioreactors in this application. These considerations were identified and refined in an application involving a bioreactor for more than five years. Reactor and related subsystem performance was scrutinized to improve O&M and process efficiencies; extend life expectancies (L.E.) for high-cost components; decrease operational and large-quantity expendable costs; minimize wastes; and provide cost savings to client. Good engineering practices to achieve these objectives included changing batch-mode operation to nearly-continuous operation; resolving bio-fouling in downstream sub-systems; replacing reactor media; controlling salinity input; and removing scale and mineral deposits. Engineering economic analyses used to support changes and/or improvements include cost-benefit analyses and economic life estimating. The subject bioreactor was used in an environmental restoration program at a decommissioned Department of Defense (DOD) facility located near the San Francisco Bay (Bay) in California. The bioreactor and associated sub-systems removed hydrocarbons from groundwater in order to allow discharge to the Bay according to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) permit.

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aquifers, biological treatment, bioreactors, bioremediation,case studies, discharge, environmental protection, groundwater,groundwater pollution, petroleum hydrocarbons, sewage, waste watertreatment, waste water treatment plants, water treatment, California,USA, Pacific States of USA, Western States of USA, USA, North America,America, Developed Countries, OECD Countries, United States of America,Engineering and Equipment (General) (NN000), Water Resources (PP200),Pollution and Degradation (PP600), Human Wastes and Refuse (XX300),Industrial Wastes and Effluents (XX400), Biodegradation (XX700)

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