Characterisation of evaporation and drift losses with centre pivots

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Year Published: 2009
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Author: Ort©Ưz, J.N. ; de Juan, J.A. ; Tarjuelo, J.M.
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The objective of this paper is to study evaporation and drift losses (EDLs) with two types of sprinklers: rotating spray plate sprinklers (RSPS) and fixed spray plate sprinklers (FSPS), both installed at two different heights (1 and 2.5m above the ground). A field test was carried out during three seasons at an irrigated plot with a centre pivot, in Albacete (Spain). The results show that EDLs were significantly higher with the FSPS placed 2.5m above the ground (FSPS 2.5) than with the RSPS placed 1m above the ground (RSPS 1). The EDLs obtained for the FSPS 2.5 combination were 8% for night irrigation events and 13.7% for daytime irrigation events. The lowest EDL values were registered with RSPS 1, ranging from 3.3 to 8.2% under night and day operation conditions, respectively. These results were obtained for an average wind speed of 1.3m/s at night and 3.5m/s during the day, and were normally below 5m/s.

Pages: 1541 - 1546
Volume: 96
Number: 11
Journal: Agricultural water management
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Organization: NA
Publisher: NA
ISSN: 03783774

height, equipment design, field experimentation, wind speed,diurnal variation, sprinklers, irrigation systems, center pivotirrigation, evaporation, water use efficiency, spray drift, Spain

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