Colorado River Basin Water Management: Principles & Recommendations

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Year Published: 2015
Month Published: July
Author: Family Farm Alliance
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The Family Farm Alliance is a grass-roots organization with the sole mission of protecting and enhancing irrigated agriculture in the Western United States. We have crafted this paper articulating our principles for smart, effective management of water resources in the Colorado River Basin to help decision-makers in the Basin deal with the harsh realities of current and future water shortages due to drought and over-allocation of water to growing, predominantly municipal, demands. Even with all of the various water users’ perspectives on demand management and other issues in the Colorado River Basin, there is support for the main drivers behind the Alliance’s policy thrust summarized in eight principles. Based on these principles, there are four common recommendations that we believe will be critical to successful drought and water shortage management efforts in the Colorado River Basin. The Family Farm Alliance believes that the Colorado River Basin can and will successfully work through future droughts and water shortages in a collaborative and effective way. The future of millions of people and millions of acres of farms and ranches and the food and fiber they produce in the Basin rest on this belief. We also believe if Basin interests use the principles and recommendations in this paper, solutions can be found that do not pit one user against another in resolving differences and complex water problems. The Alliance looks forward to working with the many agricultural, urban, energy and environmental water users in finding these solutions so critical to the future of the Colorado River Basin.

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Organization: Family Farm Alliance
Publisher: Family Farm Alliance

Colorado River Basin, water management, water shortage, drought, collaboration, water conservation

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