Comparative effects of regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) andpartial root-zone drying (PRD) on growth and cell wall peroxidase activity in tomato fruits

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Year Published: 2008
Month Published: NA
Author: Savić, Sladjana ; Jovanović, Zorica ; Šukalović, VesnaHadži-Tašković ; Bogičević, Biljana ; Stikić, Radmila ; Radović,Biljana Vucelić
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The effects of regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) and partial root-zone drying (PRD) on tomato fruit growth and cell wall peroxidase activity in tomato exocarp were investigated in growth chamber conditions. The RDI treatment was 50% of water given to fully irrigated (FI) plants and the PRD treatment was 50% of water of FI plants applied to one half of the root system while the other half dried down, with irrigation shifted when soil water content of the dry side decreased 15-20%. RDI significantly reduced fruit diameter, though PRD reduced fresh weight while having no significant effect on fruit diameter. The activity of peroxidase was significantly higher in RDI and PRD treated plants compared to those of FI. Differences between RDI and PRD were expressed on temporal basis. In the fruits of RDI treated plants peroxidase activity began to increase in the phase when fruit growth started to decline with the peak of enzyme activity of 6.1HRPEUg⁻℗£ FW reached in the phase of mature green fruits when fruit growth rate was minimal. Increase of peroxidase activity in PRD fruits coincided with the ripening phase and the peak of enzyme activity (5.3HRPEUg⁻℗£ FW) was measured at the end of fruit ripening. These data potentially identified contrasting and different roles of tomato exocarp cell wall peroxidase in RDI and PRD treated plants. In RDI treated plants peroxidase may have a role in restricting fruit growth rate, although the increase in enzyme activity during ripening of PRD treated fruit pointed out that peroxidase may also control fruit maturation by inducing more rapid process.

Pages: 15 - 20
Volume: 117
Number: 1
Journal: Scientia horticulturae
Journal ISO: NA
Organization: NA
Publisher: NA
ISSN: 03044238

enzyme activity, diameter, cell walls, peroxidases,ripening, exocarp, weight, temporal variation, deficit irrigation, soilwater content, Lycopersicon esculentum, tomatoes, fruits (plantanatomy), plant growth, plant available water, irrigation systems

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