Conservation efficiency of mechanical measures and productivity of maize-wheat cropping sequence under different land slopes in foothills of western Himalaya.

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Year Published: 2005
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Author: Khola, O. P. S. ; Sastry, G.
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A field experiment was conducted during 1992-93 to 1994-95 at Dehradun, Uttaranchal, India, to evaluate soil and water conservation efficiencies of bench terrace, contour bund, graded bund and contour farming on 2, 4 and 8% land slopes under maize-wheat cropping sequence. The earth work in different mechanical measures varied from 80 to 1250 m3 ha-1. There was significant reduction in runoff by 92.2, 79.1, 63.8 and 23.9% and soil loss by 95.8, 88.8, 80.1 and 37.0% under bench terrace, contour bund, graded bund and contour farming, respectively compared to cultivated fallow. However, except bench terrace with zero slope in X- and Y-directions, runoff and soil loss conservation efficiencies of other measures decreased with increasing land slopes. Contour farming up to 1.3% and graded bund up to 4.9% slopes were effective in reducing the soil loss within tolerance limit of 11.0 t ha-1. Maize grain yield was highest under contour farming and decreased under bunding and terracing treatments by 286-572 kg ha-1, but higher residual soil moisture regimes in these treatments increased the wheat grain yield by 131-550 kg ha-1, thus providing crop yield sustainability in hilly ecosystem.

Pages: 221 - 224
Volume: 33
Number: 3
Journal: Indian Journal of Soil Conservation
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Organization: NA
Publisher: NA
ISSN: 0970-3349

arable soils, bunds, contour cultivation, contour ridging,crop production, crop yield, cropping systems, erosion control, fallow,maize, runoff, slopes, sloping land, soil conservation, soil fertility,soil management, soil types, soil water regimes, sustainability,terraces, water conservation, wheat, India, Uttaranchal, Triticum,Triticum aestivum, Zea mays, South Asia, Asia, Developing Countries,Commonwealth of Nations, Triticum, Poaceae, Cyperales, monocotyledons,angiosperms, Spermatophyta, plants, India, Zea, Field Crops (FF005) (NewMarch 2000), Plant Production (FF100), Plant Cropping Systems (FF150),Soil Physics (JJ300), Soil Fertility (JJ600), Soil Management (JJ900),Erosion; Soil and Water Conservation (PP400)

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