Effect of deficit irrigation on apricot fruit quality at harvest and during storage

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Year Published: 2007
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Author: P©♭rez-Pastor, Alejandro ; Art©♭s, Francisco ; Domingo,Rafael ; Nortes, Pedro A. ; Ruiz-S©Łnchez, Maria Carmen ; Mart©Ưnez, Juan A.
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The effect of different irrigation strategies on the fruit quality at harvest and during storage at 1 ℗'C of 'B©ðlida' apricots (Prunus armeniaca L.) was studied. Irrigation treatments consisted of a control irrigated at 100% of crop evapotranspiration (ETc) throughout the season, and two deficit irrigation treatments consisting of continuous irrigation at 50% of control, and regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) at 100% of ETc during the critical periods (second rapid fruit growth and early post-harvest) and at 25% during the rest of the season. Fruits at harvest from both deficit irrigation treatments showed higher values of total soluble solids (TSS), titratable acidity and hue angle (h℗') than control fruits, whereas their diameter, fresh weight, firmness and maturity index values were similar to those in the control. During the first 10 days of the 30-day chilling storage period, higher TSS and h℗' values were found in deficit irrigated fruits, whilst the other parameters were similar for all treatments. Weight loss and fungal attacks (mainly Rhizopus sp. and Monilinia sp.) during a subsequent retail sale period of 4 days at 13 ℗'C were the lowest in RDI. Deficit irrigation was demonstrated to be commercially advantageous for keeping fruit quality, saving considerable amounts of water. Copyright ℗♭ 2007 Society of Chemical Industry

Pages: 2409 - 2415
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Volume: 87
Number: 13
Journal: Journal of the science of food and agriculture
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ISSN: 00225142

cold storage, food storage, storage quality, Monilinia,Rhizopus, food spoilage, crop quality, irrigated farming, apricots,Prunus armeniaca, crop yield, irrigation rates, deficit irrigation, Spain

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