Effect of irrigation and plant density on the growth, yield and water use efficiency of early maize in the Nigerian Savanna

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Year Published: 2008
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Author: Sani, B.M. ; Mohammed, H.I. ; Oluwasemire, K.O.
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A field experiment was conducted during the dry season of 2002/2003 at the Irrigation Research Farm, Institute for Agricultural Research, Samaru, Nigeria to evaluate the effect of irrigation and plant density on the growth, yield and water use of an extra early maturing maize variety. The trial involved three population densities (38,000, 53,000 and 66,000 plants ha-1) and three irrigation regimes (full, three quarter and half application of the consumptive use at each stage of growth). The nine treatments were laid out in a split plot design with randomized blocks in three replications with irrigation regimes as main plots and population densities as sub plots. Water use and water use efficiency were highest with application of full consumptive use requirement at each stage of growth. The highest plant population density used water more efficiently (25% less than other populations). Therefore, the water use efficiency of maize was changed through the manipulation of plant population density.

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Volume: 3
Number: 2
Journal: Journal of agricultural and biological science
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ISSN: 19906145

leaf area index, developmental stages, corn, dry season, dryenvironmental conditions, plant growth, plant density, Zea mays, grainyield, irrigation management, water use efficiency, Nigeria

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