Effect of micro irrigation on growth, yield and water-use efficiency of onion (Allium cepa) under western Maharashtra conditions.

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Year Published: 2008
Month Published: NA
Author: Sankar, V. ; Lawande, K. E. ; Tripathi, P. C.
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An experiment was conducted at Rajgurunagar, Pune during 2000-03 to study the feasibility of micro irrigation on growth, yield and yield-contributing characters of onion (Allium cepa L.) under western Maharashtra conditions. Both drip and micro sprinkler irrigation systems improved growth (66.9 cm), yield (39.6 tonnes/ha) and yield-contributing parameters of onion. Among the different irrigation methods and levels tested, the drip irrigation at 100% pan evaporation recorded the highest marketable bulb yield 39.6 tonnes/ha onion, followed by 33.9 tonnes/ha micro sprinkler irrigation at 100% pan evaporation. There was a sating of irrigation water of 37.8% in drip and 32.5% in sprinkler system under best treatment compared with the surface irrigation scheduled at 50 mm cumulative pan evaporation with 7 cm depth.

Pages: 584 - 588
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Volume: 78
Number: 7
Journal: Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences
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ISSN: 0019-5022

bulbs, crop yield, growth, onions, plant water relations,sprinkler irrigation, trickle irrigation, water use efficiency, yieldcomponents, India, Maharashtra, Allium, Allium cepa, Allium, Alliaceae,Liliaceae, Liliales, monocotyledons, angiosperms, Spermatophyta, plants,eukaryotes, South Asia, Asia, Developing Countries, Commonwealth ofNations, India, spray irrigation, Horticultural Crops (FF003) (New March2000), Plant Water Relations (FF062), Plant Production (FF100), SoilWater Management (Irrigation and Drainage) (JJ800) (Revised June 2002)[formerly Soil Water Management]

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