Effect of Regulated Deficit Irrigation and Crop Load on the Antioxidant Compounds of Peaches

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Year Published: 2008
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Author: Buendia, B. ; Alarcon, J.J. ; Gil, M.I. ; Allende, A. ; Nicolas, E.
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The use of regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) strategies is becoming a common practice in areas with low water availability. Little information is available about the effects of RDI on the antioxidant content of fruits. In this study, the influence of RDI on the content of vitamin C, phenolic compounds and carotenoids was investigated. Two irrigation strategies, fully irrigated (FI) and RDI, were compared at two levels of thinning, commercial and half of the commercial crop load. RDI strategies affected the content of vitamin C, phenolics and carotenoids of Flordastar peaches. RDI caused fruit peel stress lowering the content of vitamin C and carotenoids, while increasing the phenolic content, mainly anthocyanins and procyanidins. Fruit weight was the only quality index influenced by the crop load as it increased in FI fruits at low crop load. In general, fruits from commercial crop load had slightly higher content of antioxidants to fruits from low crop load, although these influences were only observed in the peel. Additionally, the influence of irrigation controlled by two sensors related to plant water level, maximum daily trunk shrinkage (MDS) and sap flow (SF) on the antioxidant constituents of peaches was evaluated. The response of the fruits to SF sensor was similar to that observed for RDI strategy. According to the tested water sensors, SF did not act as a good plant-based water indicator for use in irrigation scheduling, as it caused an increase in the content of phenolics, similar to that observed for fruits subjected to RDI. Therefore, selection of RDI strategies and plant water indicators should be taken into account as they affect the content of antioxidants of peaches.

Pages: 3601 - 3608
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Volume: 56
Number: 10
Journal: Journal of agricultural and food chemistry
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ISSN: 00218561

carotenoids, ascorbic acid, fruit composition, phenoliccompounds, sap flow, tree trunk, fruit quality, fruit crops, peaches,Prunus persica, fruit set, antioxidant activity, antioxidants, deficitirrigation, Spain

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