Effectiveness of surge flow irrigation in Egypt: water use efficiency in field crop production.

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Year Published: 2004
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Author: Ismail, S. M.
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This thesis contains nine chapters demonstrating the applicability of surge flow irrigation for water saving under the short field conditions that prevail in Egypt. A description of field irrigation methods (viz., surface, subsurface, sprinkler and microirrigation) and their characteristics is given in the second chapter. Moreover, factors affecting the selection of an appropriate irrigation method are reviewed. Chapter 3 presents a detailed description of surge flow irrigation, its definition and general factors which affect furrow irrigation in general as well as other specific factors that affect surge flow irrigation, taking into consideration the applicability of this system for different soil types and the advantages and disadvantages. An explanation of the physical aspects of surge flow irrigation that comprise the mechanism of surge flow irrigation for a decreasing infiltration rate and the factors that help to fulfil this phenomena is given in chapter 4. The next chapter provides a description of the concept of the mathematical models which can be used to simulate surge flow irrigation. In chapter 6 field experiments as carried out at the Wageningen University, The Netherlands and at the Assiut University in Egypt, to efficiently apply surge flow on short fields, are described. These field experiments were conducted to better understand surge flow irrigation behaviour in short fields and to test and select the best treatment which can be applied under the conditions that prevail in Egypt. In addition, the best results in view of the optimal use of water, are also presented. The relationship between surge flow irrigation and crop yield in relation to water saving is discussed in chapter 8. The final chapter presents the evaluation based on the research results.

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crop production, crop yield, environmental impact, fieldcrops, furrow irrigation, infiltration, irrigation systems, mathematicalmodels, microirrigation, plant water relations, simulation models, soilphysical properties, soil types, sprinkler irrigation, subsurfaceirrigation, surface irrigation, surge irrigation, water balance, waterconservation, water use efficiency, Egypt, Netherlands, North Africa,Africa, Mediterranean Region, Middle East, Developing Countries, WesternEurope, Europe, Developed Countries, Benelux, European Union Countries,OECD Countries, environmental effects, physical properties of soil,spray irrigation, Plant Water Relations (FF062), Plant Production(FF100), Soil Physics (JJ300), Soil Water Management (Irrigation andDrainage) (JJ800) (Revised June 2002) [formerly Soil Water Management],Mathematics and Statistics (ZZ100)

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