Evaluating variability of root size system and its constitutive traits in hot pepper (Capsicum annum L.) under water stress

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Year Published: 2009
Month Published: NA
Author: Kulkarni, Manoj ; Phalke, Swati
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The importance of root size system has long been recognized as crucial to cope with drought conditions. This investigation was conducted to: (i) evaluate the variability in root size system of hot pepper at maturity; (ii) estimate the effect of root size system on yield under drought conditions; and (iii) effect of water stress on xylem vessel development and total xylem cross-sectional area in roots of hot pepper cultivars. Twelve diverse hot pepper cultivars were grown in wooden boxes with two different water treatments, normal and in 50% water application as water deficit condition. Mean primary root length (PRL) showed a significant positive correlation with final fruit yield at normal as well as stressed condition. Total dry mass of fruit was reduced by 34.7% in drought treatments (DI) compared to full watered treatment (FI). At harvest, water-stressed plants had 21% lower root dry weight mass but higher root:shoot ratio other than FI. PRL, lateral root density, total xylem area per root cross-section showed a significant positive relationship with fruit yield. Also, lateral root density was higher in cultivars with higher xylem density, particularly in tolerant cultivars. Lateral root density (r =0.847, P <0.001) and total xylem cross-sectional area in root (r =0.926, P <0.001) were tightly related with total biomass production. The importance of root traits contributing to withstand drought in hot pepper is discussed.

Pages: 159 - 166
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Volume: 120
Number: 2
Journal: Scientia horticulturae
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Publisher: NA
ISSN: 03044238

genetic variation, cultivars, xylem vessels, crop yield, drymatter partitioning, deficit irrigation, dry matter accumulation, rootsystems, hot peppers, Capsicum annuum, diameter, xylem, drought, waterstress

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