Groundwater use and its management: policy and institutional options in rural areas of North China.

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Year Published: 2009
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Author: Cao, J. ; Cheng, X. ; Li, X.
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The overall goal of the paper is to identify the characteristics of groundwater use and explore effective management strategies that can better meet the challenges of sustainable groundwater use in rural China. The data used in this paper were collected from a field survey in 20 randomly selected villages in Hebei Province of north China in 2006. Results show that with increasing water scarcity, groundwater tables are declining by 0.8 m per year. Farmers have adopted various strategies in order to cope with declining groundwater tables. These include construction of deeper tubewells, adoption of water saving technologies, change in ownership pattern from collective to individual ownership and finally, the development of informal groundwater markets. The paper shows that the regulatory capacity of the government to control groundwater exploitation is weak. Finally, this paper suggests that comprehensive policies to control groundwater use in rural area are needed.

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ISSN: 9780415465809

groundwater, rural areas, sustainability, water management,water policy, water resources, water use, China, Hebei, East Asia, Asia,Developing Countries, Northern China, China, water resource management,Natural Resource Economics (EE115) (New March 2000), Policy and Planning(EE120), Water Resources (PP200), Rural Sociology (UU800) (New March 2000)

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