Growth Pattern and Phenological Stages of Early-maturing Peach Trees Under a Mediterranean Climate.

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Year Published: 2008
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Author: Mounzer, Oussama H. ; Vera, Juan ; Tapia, Luis M. ; Ruiz-Sánchez, Maria del Carmen ; Abrisqueta, Jose M. ; Nicolás,Emilio ; Conejero, Wenceslao ; García-Orellana, Yelitza V. ; Abrisqueta, Isabel
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The phenological stages of early-maturing peach trees were described using the traditional nomenclature of Baggiolini and according to the BBCH General Scale. The heat requirement of each stage was calculated as growing degree hours (GDH) and growing degree days (GDD). The annual growth pattern of trunk, shoot, and fruit was also studied. After dormancy breaking involving 225 chilling units, this early peach cultivar required approximately 6244 GDH to reach full bloom and 27106 GDH before the fruit could be harvested. In the case of GDD, the heat requirements were 329 and 1246 for full bloom and fruit harvest, respectively. According to plant growth measurements, shoot growth lasted approximately 7 months with a significant increase in the growth rate after fruit harvest reaching a maximum value in July. Trunk growth followed a similar annual pattern as that of the shoots but with its maximum rate occurring approximately 30 days latter. Fruit growth, which lasted an average of 89 days from full bloom to harvesting, took place under mild climatic conditions (10 Feb. to 10 May) coinciding with only 30% of the total annual shoot length. This pattern of reproductive and vegetative growth pointed to the interest of redirecting regulated deficit irrigation practices in early-maturing cultivars toward postharvest water-saving strategies, but only to the extent that any limitation of shoot and trunk growth does not adversely affect the productivity of the following year.

Pages: 1813 - 1818
Volume: 43
Number: 6
Journal: HortScience : a publication of the American Society forHorticultural Science
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Organization: NA
Publisher: NA
ISSN: 00185345

fruiting, fruits (plant anatomy), tree trunk, shoots,cultivars, deficit irrigation, dormancy breaking, chilling requirement,plant growth, phenology, Prunus persica, peaches, heat sums, airtemperature, early development, Mediterranean climate, Spain

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