Hydraulic evaluation of aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) with urban stormwater in a brackish limestone aquifer

Book Title: NA
Year Published: 2006
Month Published: DEC
Author: Pavelic, Paul ; Dillon, Peter J. ; Barry, Karen E. ; Gerges, Nabil Z.
Book Group Author: NA

A 5-year aquifer storage and recovery trial at Andrews Farm in South Australia involving the injection of more than 250 ML (250,000 m(3)) of fresh but turbid stormwater into a brackish limestone aquifer over 4 years and recovery of 150 ML in the fifth provided the opportunity to evaluate rates of clogging and unclogging and the potential to recover water suitable for irrigation supplies. Results reveal there is some clogging by injected sediment, but only to a relatively small degree considering the high suspended solid concentrations and moderate aquifer transmissivity. This clogging was offset by increased matrix porosity through calcite dissolution and by routine well redevelopments after each 40 ML of injection. No significant microbial clogging occurred. Breakthrough responses at three observation wells and the proportion of injectant in the recovered water were determined from chloride data. Temperature and caliper profiles clearly indicate the heterogeneous nature of the aquifer that is attributed, in part, to sand removal during the initial well development. The recovery efficiency was greater than 60%. The trial demonstrates that urban stormwater containing high and variable particulate levels, which receives only passive pre-treatment and is not disinfected, can be used to freshen a heterogeneous brackish aquifer to create a useful water resource.

Pages: 1544-1555
Volume: 14
Number: 8
Journal ISO: Hydrogeol. J.
Organization: NA
Publisher: SPRINGER
ISSN: 1431-2174
DOI: 10.1007/s10040-006-0078-4

carbonate rocks; clogging; recovery efficiency; urban groundwater; water banking

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