Implementation of the Irriecon V2 decision support tool to assess net returns to irrigation systems.

Book Title: NA
Year Published: 2008
Month Published: NA
Author: Armitage, R. M. ; Lecler, N. L. ; Jumman, A. ; Dowe, K.
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Irriecon V2 is a spreadsheet-based tool that can be used to determine detailed capital, operating and marginal costs of various irrigation scenarios. Cost implications relating to affected farming practices, including fertiliser, herbicide, planting, harvesting and haulage operations, are incorporated in the tool. In this paper, the costs of and net returns to three different irrigation systems that are being evaluated in the Empangeni area, namely big gun, dragline and drip, are described. Farm level data were obtained from interviews with local farmers. Irrigation system design parameters and investment cost data were based on detailed and representative system designs and bills of quantities. Predicted crop yield and irrigation water use information for the various irrigation systems were simulated using the ZIMsched 2.0 irrigation systems model. Infield performance characteristics of the various irrigation systems, for example, the distribution uniformity of applied water, which is used as an input variable in ZIMsched 2.0, were based on data derived from Mobile Irrigation Laboratory evaluations. The results have applicability to irrigation system selection and design, farm management decision making, and for policy makers when assessing the economic impact of changing an irrigation system to drive irrigation water use efficiency in agriculture.

Pages: 454 - 465
Volume: NA
Number: 81
Journal: Proceedings of the Annual Congress - South African SugarTechnologists' Association
Journal ISO: NA
Organization: NA
Publisher: NA
ISSN: 1028-3781

computer software, cost benefit analysis, decision making,economic analysis, irrigation systems, returns, South Africa, SouthernAfrica, Africa South of Sahara, Africa, Developing Countries, ThresholdCountries, Anglophone Africa, Commonwealth of Nations, choice, computerprograms, Agricultural Economics (EE110), Soil Water Management(Irrigation and Drainage) (JJ800) (Revised June 2002) [formerly SoilWater Management], Techniques and Methodology (ZZ900)

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