Innovations in Agricultural Stewardship: Stories of Conservation and Drought Resilience in the Arid West

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Year Published: 2015
Month Published: May
Author: Daniel Fullmer, Kate Greenberg, & Dan Keppen
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To paint a deeper picture of the complexities and nuances of agricultural water conservation in the West, we worked with the engineering firm Applegate Group to create a water balance for three of the case studies. These water balances utilize a technical, objective approach to assess the producers’ water rights, current conservation efforts, and barriers or opportunities for future conservation. They underscore the reality that conservation practices are different on every operation and unique from farm to farm. Of all the producers whose stories are told here, what binds them together is their ability to manage for the economic, ecological, and social health of their operations, communities, and environments. They represent a growing movement of agriculturalists who are stepping up to the plate—and have been for years, despite the lack of attention—to farm with “whole systems” in mind. These farmers see that healthy soil is integral to healthy crops; that efficiency is an investment in future food and water security; that ecological services contribute to the bottom line; and that farmers sharing knowledge with one another is critical to innovation and adaptation.

Pages: 18
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Organization: National Young Farmers Coalition & Family Farm Alliance
Publisher: National Young Farmers Coalition & Family Farm Alliance

Agricultural conservation, agricultural stewardship, drought, arid west, water management, soil health

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