Irrigation water pricing: the gap between theory and practice.

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Year Published: 2007
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Author: Molle, F. ; Berkoff, J.
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This book contains 14 separately authored chapters on the pricing of irrigation water. The chapters are entitled: (1) Water pricing in irrigation: the lifetime of an idea; (2) Water pricing in irrigation: mapping the debate in the light of experience; (3) Why is agricultural water demand unresponsive at low price ranges; (4) Get the prices right: a model of water prices and irrigation efficiency in Maharashtra, India; (5) Thailand's free water: rationale for a water charge and policy shifts; (6) Water rights and water fees in rural Tanzania; (7) Who will pay for water? The Vietnamese State's dilemma of decentralization of water management in the Red River Delta; (8) Water pricing in Haryana, India; (9) The energy-irrigation nexus in South Asia: groundwater conservation and power sector viability; (10) Wells and canals in Jordan: can pricing policies regulate irrigation water use; (11) Water pricing in Tadla, Morocco; (12) Water pricing policies and recent reforms in China: the conflict between conservation and other policy goals; (13) Water pricing and irrigation: a review of the European experience; and (14) Policy-driven determinants of irrigation development and environmental sustainability: a case study in Spain.

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ISSN: 9781845932923

agricultural development, canals, decentralization, fees,groundwater, irrigation water, models, prices, sustainability, waterconservation, water management, water policy, water resources, waterrights, water use, wells, China, Haryana, India, Maharashtra, Morocco,South Asia, Spain, Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam, East Asia, Asia,Developing Countries, India, South Asia, Commonwealth of Nations,Maghreb, North Africa, Africa, Mediterranean Region, Francophone Africa,Southern Europe, Europe, Developed Countries, European Union Countries,OECD Countries, East Africa, Africa South of Sahara, Least DevelopedCountries, ACP Countries, SADC Countries, Anglophone Africa, South EastAsia, ASEAN Countries, Indochina, Tanganyika, water pricing, waterresource management, Natural Resource Economics (EE115) (New March2000), Supply, Demand and Prices (EE130), Soil Water Management(Irrigation and Drainage) (JJ800) (Revised June 2002) [formerly SoilWater Management], Water Resources (PP200), Eros

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