Monitoring and reporting horticultural water use efficiency from valve unit to catchment boundary.

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Year Published: 2004
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Author: Adams, T. ; Rhodes, S. E. ; Schrale, G. ; Meldrum, D.
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A three year project has been initiated for the development of methodologies and associated tools to standardise WUE reporting from irrigation valve units on individual properties, to the catchment boundary. The integrated toolkit produces high quality WUE indicators at various scales. The toolkit comprises:- Irrigation Inventory Tool (IIT), Water Use Efficiency Module (WUEM) and Farm Level Water Management Module (FLWMM). The IIT provides systematic capture of crop irrigation information. It collates several key data-sets required for calculation of both Crop Water Use and production/yield based WUE indicators, into a District Irrigation Database. The WUEM is also GIS based and draws on information contained within the District Irrigation Database and allows import of data from water accounting systems and meteorological databases to calculate a variety of WUE indicators. The FLWMM system records irrigation management, monitors irrigation activities and assesses water use efficiency at the farm level. The FLWMM has the potential to simulate the crop water balance and to assess water use efficiency down to the planting patch for individual irrigation valve units.

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crop yield, data collection, data processing, databases,geographical information systems, irrigation equipment, irrigationsystems, meteorological observations, methodology, models, plant waterrelations, valves, water management, water use efficiency, data banks,geographic information systems, GIS, methods, toolkits, water resourcemanagement, Soil Fertility (JJ600), Soil Water Management (Irrigationand Drainage) (JJ800) (Revised June 2002) [formerly Soil WaterManagement], Agricultural and Forestry Equipment (General) (NN400),Meteorology and Climate (PP500), Automation and Control (NN050),Information and Documentation (CC300), Techniques and Methodology (ZZ900)

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