Opportunities for reclaimed water use in Australian agriculture.

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Year Published: 2006
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Author: Boland, A. M. ; Hamilton, A. ; Stevens, D. ; Ziehrl, A.
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This paper provides an overview of how Australia exploits its water resources with a focus on reclaimed water. Arguments are brought up for the high value horticultural sector (vegetables, fruits and grapes) being a competitive customer for reclaimed water. Factors to consider when assessing the suitability for reclaimed water use in horticulture either for substitution of existing water resources or expansion of production are discussed.

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agricultural production, crop production, fruits, grapes,horticulture, vegetables, waste water treatment, water resources, waterreuse, Australia, Vitis, Australasia, Oceania, Developed Countries,Commonwealth of Nations, OECD Countries, Vitidaceae, Rhamnales,dicotyledons, angiosperms, Spermatophyta, plants, vegetable crops,Vitaceae, water consumption, Horticultural Crops (FF003) (New March2000), Plant Production (FF100), Water Resources (PP200), IndustrialWastes and Effluents (XX400)

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