Optimisation of irrigation system in arid land pistachio orchards.

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Year Published: 2007
Month Published: NA
Author: Dastorani, M. T. ; Heshmati, M. ; Sadeghzadeh, M. A.
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This research was designed to evaluate and compare the applicability of two different types of irrigation including traditional (surface irrigation) and simple sub-surface drip irrigation (using pricked-pipe covered with plastic cloth). Two plots containing 39 pistachio trees with 720 m2 area were selected in Rafsanjan, Iran. Both plots were irrigated using exactly the same quantity and quality of water for 2 years. At the end of the second year, the yield was harvested separately and then compared. The weight of fresh and dried crops in subsurface irrigation plot to those of surface irrigation plot were 1.895 and 2, respectively. Annual shoot growth of tree was measured in two plots. The value of plot growth index in surface irrigation plot and sub-surface irrigation plot calculated 2237.5 and 4580.5 cm, respectively. In addition, the dried weight of weeds in surface irrigation plot was 82 kg while it was only 21 kg in subsurface irrigation plot. Results show the considerable difference in two irrigation systems efficiences and relatively higher preference of subsurface system than traditionally surface method. Finally, due to severe shortage of agricultural water in the studied area, it has been advised to optimize traditionally used irrigation systems toward new methods with minimum water loss such as evaluated subsurface method.

Pages: 53 - 60
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Volume: 12
Number: 1
Journal: BIABAN
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ISSN: 1026-1346

arid zones, crop yield, growth, irrigation, irrigationsystems, optimization, orchards, pistachios, plant water relations,shoots, subsurface irrigation, surface irrigation, trickle irrigation,water use efficiency, Iran, Pistacia vera, West Asia, Asia, Middle East,Developing Countries, Threshold Countries, Pistacia, Anacardiaceae,Sapindales, dicotyledons, angiosperms, Spermatophyta, plants,eukaryotes, arid regions, watering, Field Crops (FF005) (New March2000), Plant Water Relations (FF062), Plant Production (FF100), SoilWater Management (Irrigation and Drainage) (JJ800) (Revised June 2002)[formerly Soil Water Management]

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