Regulated deficit irrigation and the recovery of wate rrelations in pistachio trees.

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Year Published: 2006
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Author: Guerrero, J. ; Olmedilla, N. ; Gijon, M.C. ; Couceiro,J.F. ; Moriana, A. ; Prez-Lopez, D.
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Recovery of water status in water-stressed pistachio trees (Pistacia vera L. cv. Kerman) was investigated by subjecting trees to regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) (60% of crop evapotranspiration rate, ET(c)) during stages I and II of fruit development (FD) followed by full irrigation during FD stage III (kernel-filling). Trees irrigated at 100% ET(c) throughout FD stages I, II and III served as controls. Water-stress severity was characterized by changes in soil water content and midday stem water potential (psi(md)). Midday leaf conductance (g1) and trunk diameter variation (TDV) were also measured. In RDI trees, the lowest psi(md) value, -1.8 MPa, occurred at the end of the RDI period. The corresponding value for the control trees was around-1.1 MPa. Although the RDI treatment affected gas exchange later than psi(md), the greatest reductions in gas exchange (60% of control values) also appeared at the end of the RDI period. There were significant differences in TDV between control and RDI trees at the end of the RDI period. Although plant water status recovered within 20 days of resuming irrigation, the TDV values indicated a longer period might be necessary for complete recovery. Recovery of g1 was faster than that of psi(md), although differences in TDV between control and RDI trees indicated that gas exchange recovered later than psi(md). The slow recovery of pistachio trees during FD stage III from water stress imposed during FD stages I and II suggests that irrigation should exceed 100% ET(c) during FD stage III or that more extensive irrigation should commence before the end of FD stage II.

Pages: 87 - 92
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Volume: 26
Number: 1
Journal: Tree physiology
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ISSN: 0829318X

water potential, stems, leaf conductance, tree growth,seasonal variation, soil water content, evapotranspiration, cropproduction, pistachios, Pistacia vera, crop yield, drought tolerance,water stress, deficit irrigation, Spain

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