Response of sugarcane genotypes to water deficit stress.

Book Title: NA
Year Published: 2004
Month Published: NA
Author: Hemaprabha, G. ; Nagarajan, R. ; Alarmelu, S.
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A study was conducted in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India during 2002-03 to investigate the response of 97 sugarcane clones (with high sugar content) to drought. Normal irrigation number was 35, and water stress was induced by reducing this number to 11 during when rain was scarce. Cane formation was observed in only 55 clones, indicating the deleterious effect of drought on cane growth, and the susceptibility of high-sugar content genotypes to drought. The drastic reduction in single cane weight (64.16%), mainly due to the reduction in cane height (48.79%), negatively affected cane yield during drought. Six clones showed increase in sucrose content during water stress: Co 88006, Co 89005, Co 93020, Co 93023, Co 94012 and Co 99012. Co 99012 showed the highest sucrose content increase (20.95%) under drought stress. Seven clones showed low yield reduction and good quality traits under drought: Co 88006, Co 87024, Co 92007, Co 93019, Co 95003, Co 89025 and Co 93010.

Pages: 165 - 168
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Volume: 6
Number: 3
Journal: Sugar Tech
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ISSN: 0972-1525

chemical composition, crop yield, drought, droughtresistance, genetic diversity, genetic variation, genotypes, irrigation,plant composition, plant water relations, sugar content, sugarcane,susceptibility, varietal tolerance, water stress, India, Tamil Nadu,Saccharum, Saccharum officinarum, Poaceae, Cyperales, monocotyledons,angiosperms, Spermatophyta, plants, eukaryotes, Saccharum, South Asia,Asia, Developing Countries, Commonwealth of Nations, India, chemicalconstituents of plants, drought tolerance, genetic variability,genotypic variability, genotypic variation, Madras, watering,Environmental Tolerance of Plants (FF900), Field Crops (FF005) (NewMarch 2000), Plant Breeding and Genetics (FF020), Plant Composition(FF040), Plant Water Relations (FF062)

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