Salt mobilisation from irrigated areas in the Murray-Darling Basin.

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Year Published: 2005
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Author: Duncan, R. ; Bethune, M. ; Christen, E. ; Hornbuckle, J.
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Studies of salt mobilisation processes and management strategies in irrigation areas of Australia's Murray-Darling Basin, are reviewed to improve understanding of how increased recharge to groundwater as a result of irrigation has contributed to the formation of shallow water-tables and salt mobilisation. There is potential to achieve reductions in salt loads from irrigation areas by changing management and design of sub-surface drainage systems. This is by ensuring that systems specifically provide the leaching requirement of irrigated crops. Considerable potential exists to divert a greater portion of irrigation drainage flows from river systems for irrigation. Particularly, in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area and Shepparton Irrigation Region, where drainage water generally has a low to medium salinity (<3 dS/m) and would be suitable for irrigating salt tolerant crops. Retaining additional salt within irrigation regions should not have a substantial impact on regional groundwater quality or root zone salinity over the next 100 years.

Pages: R2.14
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Journal: Transactions of the 19th International Congress on Irrigationand Drainage, Beijing, China, 2005. Vol 1A: Improving water and landmanagement for increasing efficiency in irrigated agriculture
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Publisher: NA
ISSN: 8185068933

catchment hydrology, drainage systems, drainage water,groundwater recharge, irrigated farming, irrigated sites, leaching,rhizosphere, saline water, salt tolerance, subsurface drainage, waterquality, water table, salt water, water composition and quality, SoilWater Management (Irrigation and Drainage) (JJ800) (Revised June 2002)[formerly Soil Water Management], Water Resources (PP200), Soil Physics(JJ300), Environmental Tolerance of Plants (FF900)

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