Selected papers from the Conservation tillage and Sustainable Small Farming (2004 CIGR International Conference Session IV), Beijing, China, 11-14 October 2004.

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Year Published: 2009
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Author: Hoogmoed, W. B.
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This proceedings contains 9 papers providing information on the potential of conservation tillage in a wide-range of geographical, climatological and socioeconomical situations. Results from studies in China, Australia, Iran and Ethiopia are presented. Topics covered include: sustainable tillage methods for irrigated wheat production in different regions of Iran; conservation tillage models for small-scale farming; functional relationships between soil water infiltration and wheeling and rainfall energy; controlled traffic farming in restoring soil structure; short-term effects of tillage and manure on some soil physical properties and maize root growth in a sandy loam soil in western Iran; the impact of 14 years of conventional and no-till cultivation on the physical properties and crop yields of a loam soil at Grafton NSW, Australia; conservation tillage implements and systems for smallholder farmers in semi-arid Ethiopia; controlled traffic farming with no tillage for improved fallow water storage and crop yield on the Chinese Loess Plateau; the effect of alternative tillage and residue cover on yield and water use efficiency in annual double cropping system in North China Plain.

Pages: 141 - 205
Volume: 104
Number: 1
Journal: Soil & Tillage Research
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ISSN: 0167-1987

conservation tillage, crop yield, cropping systems, farmingsystems, infiltration, loam soils, maize, no-tillage, plant waterrelations, roots, sandy loam soils, soil chemical properties, soilphysical properties, soil structure, soil types, soil water retention,water use efficiency, wheat, Australia, China, Ethiopia, Iran, New SouthWales, Triticum, Triticum aestivum, Zea mays, Australasia, Oceania,Developed Countries, Commonwealth of Nations, OECD Countries, East Asia,Asia, Developing Countries, East Africa, Africa South of Sahara, Africa,Least Developed Countries, ACP Countries, West Asia, Middle East,Threshold Countries, Australia, Triticum, Poaceae, Cyperales,monocotyledons, angiosperms, Spermatophyta, plants, eukaryotes, Zea,Abyssinia, agricultural systems, chemical properties of soil, corn,no-tillage systems, physical properties of soil, zero tillage, FieldCrops (FF005) (New March 2000), Plant Water Relations (FF062), PlantProduction (FF100), Plant Cropping Systems (F

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