Selection for drought tolerance in advanced generations of some bread wheat crosses.

Book Title: NA
Year Published: 2007
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Author: Sobieh, S. E. S. ; Moustafa, R. A. K. ; El-Gendy, R. W.
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A study was carried out during 2001/02-2005/06 winter seasons in Inshas, Egypt, to select wheat plants tolerant to drought. The first growing season was devoted to perform manual crossing between the high-yielding cultivars Sids 1, Gemmiza 7 and Giza 168 and the drought-tolerant cultivar Sahel 1. The obtained hybrid seeds were sown in the second and third growing seasons under non-stressed conditions to raise F1 and F2 populations, respectively. All the F2 plants were screened to identify and select individuals with high yielding ability. In the growing season of 2004/05, seeds of each F2 selected plant were sown to raise F3 progeny under non-stress (control), moderate drought stress (stress 1) and severe drought stress (stress 2) conditions. Phenotypic correlation coefficients between yield and its attributes were estimated for all F3 progenies grown under normal and drought stressed conditions. Both the number of spikes per plant and number of grains per spike were the most important traits associated with grain yield per plant. On this basis, a considerable number of variants was selected and grown in the winter season of 2005/06 as F4 selected plant progenies. Drought stress caused marked reductions in grain yield and most of its attributes. Active rooting depth for the F4 plant progenies increases with increasing soil moisture stress, where it reached to 45, 60 and 75 cm depth in February and 60, 67.5 and 75 cm depth in April for control, stress 1 and stress 2 treatments, respectively. The consumptive water use of wheat under stress 1 and stress 2 treatments (19.5 and 49.59%, respectively) was less than that in the control (39.18%).

Pages: 55 - 68
Volume: 11
Number: 3
Journal: Egyptian Journal of Plant Breeding
Journal ISO: NA
Organization: NA
Publisher: NA
ISSN: 1110-7863

crop yield, drought, drought resistance, hybrids, phenotypiccorrelation, plant water relations, rooting, soil water content, spikes,water use efficiency, wheat, yield components, Egypt, Triticum, Triticumaestivum, North Africa, Africa, Mediterranean Region, Middle East,Developing Countries, Triticum, Poaceae, Cyperales, monocotyledons,angiosperms, Spermatophyta, plants, eukaryotes, drought tolerance, FieldCrops (FF005) (New March 2000), Plant Breeding and Genetics (FF020),Plant Water Relations (FF062), Plant Production (FF100), EnvironmentalTolerance of Plants (FF900), Soil Physics (JJ300)

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