Subsurface drip irrigation of alfalfa in Nevada.

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Year Published: 2003
Month Published: NA
Author: Neufeld, J. ; Davison, J. ; Mohammed, D.
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A subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) project was undertaken at Lovelock, Nevada, USA to investigate and demonstrate the latest in irrigation technology and determine its applicability to lucerne production in the state. This project determined whether: (i) SDI in lucerne in Pershing County consumes less water than conventional irrigation methods while maintaining acceptable production, and (ii) yield and forage quality changes using SDI in lucerne. The soil type at the project site is described as a Sonoma silt loam. Three irrigation treatments of 75, 100 and 125% of measured evapotranspiration were randomly located within each side of the SDI field. Significant differences in water use efficiency were observed when dripperline depth was held constant and irrigation was changed. During the 1997 and 1998 growing seasons, 27.9 and 26.8, 22.5 and 22.8, and 18.5 and 18.6 inches of water were applied to the 125, 100 and 75% ET plots, respectively. No significant yield differences were obtained for both years due to dripperline depth or level of irrigation, however, a trend indicating higher yields while using less water than estimated ET was observed. Acid detergent fibre (ADF) and total digestible nutrient were inversely related with ADF highest in the first two cuttings and lowest in the third. No significant differences were observed in lucerne quality due to dripperline depth or irrigation level.

Pages: 29 - 40
Volume: 38
Number: 1
Journal: Zeitschrift für Bewässerungswirtschaft
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Organization: NA
Publisher: NA
ISSN: 0049-8602

crop production, crop quality, crop yield,evapotranspiration, irrigation, lucerne, plant water relations, siltloam soils, soil types, subsurface irrigation, trickle irrigation, wateruse efficiency, Nevada, USA, Medicago, Medicago sativa, Papilionoideae,Fabaceae, Fabales, dicotyledons, angiosperms, Spermatophyta, plants,eukaryotes, Medicago, Mountain States of USA, Western States of USA,USA, North America, America, Developed Countries, OECD Countries,alfalfa, United States of America, watering, Forage and Fodder Crops(FF007) (New March 2000), Plant Water Relations (FF062), PlantProduction (FF100), Soil Water Management (Irrigation and Drainage)(JJ800) (Revised June 2002) [formerly Soil Water Management], FeedComposition and Quality (RR300)

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