Ten consecutive years of regulated deficit irrigation probe the sustainability and profitability of this water saving strategy in loquat

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Year Published: 2010
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Author: Hueso, Juan J. ; Cuevas, Juli©Łn
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The successful application of postharvest regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) over ten consecutive years (from season 1999/2000 to season 2007/2008) confirms the sustainability of this strategy for producing ‘Algerie' loquat. Postharvest RDI consisting in a reduction of watering (between 45 and 80% depending on the season) from early June until the end of August, improved loquat profitability by increasing fruit value and by reducing water consumption with respect to fully irrigated trees (control). The increase in fruit value in RDI trees was due to a consistent improvement in harvest earliness as a result of an earlier blooming. Water savings of around 20% did not diminish yield nor fruit quality. Water use efficiency in RDI trees rose by over 30%. Water productivity reached 9.5â‚Ơm⁻℗đ of water applied in RDI trees versus 6.6â‚Ơm⁻℗đ in control trees. The most noticeable effect of RDI on vegetative growth was a significant and progressive decline in trunk growth. The canopy volume seems to be strongly influenced by pruning and no significant effects were detected in this parameter. Our results confirm the suitability of RDI in loquat and the economic benefits of saving water during the summer.

Pages: 645 - 650
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Volume: 97
Number: 5
Journal: Agricultural water management
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ISSN: 03783774

flowering, phenology, irrigation rates, harvest date, cropyield, tree crown, vegetative growth, fruit quality, tree trunk, fruitcrops, deficit irrigation, Eriobotrya japonica, loquats, long termexperiments, water use efficiency, seasonal variation, sustainableagriculture, profitability, Spain

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