The characteristic of agricultural droughts disaster and the model of effective utilization of water resource in Hunan Province.

Book Title: NA
Year Published: 2005
Month Published: NA
Author: Yin, ShuBin ; Chao, LiYi ; Feng, FaLin
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This paper analyses the characteristics and the causes of agricultural drought disaster of Hunan Province of China, and emphasizes the point that water resources should be used efficiently to alleviate of agricultural drought disaster. Based on input and output analysis, there are 5 aspects of works to be done: renovate and rebuild a series of irrigation systems to increase the water supply, create reservoirs to store enough flood resources, work up and actualize modern irrigated area management, apply water-saving technology in agriculture, and adjust the agricultural structure properly to reduce the pressure of agricultural water peak period.

Pages: 80 - 84
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Volume: 28
Number: 4
Journal: Journal of Natural Science of Hunan Normal University
Journal ISO: NA
Organization: NA
Publisher: NA
ISSN: 1000-2537

agriculture, drought, irrigation systems, models, naturaldisasters, water conservation, water management, water resources, watersupply, water use efficiency, China, Hunan, East Asia, Asia, DevelopingCountries, Central Southern China, China, Plant Production (FF100),Water Resources (PP200), Erosion; Soil and Water Conservation (PP400),Natural Disasters (PP800), Mathematics and Statistics (ZZ100)

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