The nitrogen balance for Catalan agriculture soils and livestock sectors.

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Year Published: 2005
Month Published: NA
Author: Bartrolí, J. ; Martin, M. J. ; Rigola, M.
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A comprehensive assessment of nitrogen metabolism in Catalonia (NE region of Spain) was performed using Substance Flow Analysis (SFA) method. This paper focused on the analysis of nitrogen dynamics in agricultural soils and livestock sectors. Groundwater contamination, nitrogen accumulation in transition reservoirs (landfills, forest) and significant exports to the Mediterranean Sea, were identified as the main associated environmental impacts of nitrogen cycle. The study proves that Catalonia is a net receiver of nitrogen without a strategic evaluation behind the management of the N microsystem in Catalonia. This study will provide a background in developing environmental management plans.

Pages: 123 - 132
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Volume: 4
Number: 2
Journal: International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governanceand Ecology
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Organization: NA
Publisher: NA
ISSN: 1462-4605

agricultural soils, assessment, environmental impact,environmental management, forests, groundwater pollution, landfills,livestock, methodology, nitrogen, nitrogen balance, nitrogen cycle,planning, polluted water, reservoirs, soil types, transport processes,water quality, Spain, Southern Europe, Europe, Mediterranean Region,Developed Countries, European Union Countries, OECD Countries,environmental effects, methods, soil transport processes, transportprocesses in soil systems, water composition and quality, Soil Chemistryand Mineralogy (JJ200), Soil Morphology, Formation and Classification(JJ400), Forestry, Forest Products and Agroforestry (General) (KK000),Water Resources (PP200), Land Resources (PP300), Pollution andDegradation (PP600)

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