Water productivity in irrigation systems.

Book Title: NA
Year Published: 2003
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Author: Rodríguez Ferrero, N.
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Situated in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, the Guadalquivir river basin's irrigation systems suffer from frequent water shortage due to the shortfall in this basin's average hydrological balance. Viable solutions are non-existent in the Spanish hydrological planning framework, neither in the Guadalquivir river basin nor in what the National Hydrological Plan (Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, 2001) has to offer. Therefore, it is necessary to turn to economic tools in order to find solutions, which will affect the demand or the reallocation of resources. In this study, a method that calculates the water productivity of an irrigation system and compares the result with the water cost paid by farmers is proposed and put into practice. The economic viability of resource reallocation and the application of the cost recovery principle can be studied using this data and can help with the more efficient use of water resources.

Pages: 341 - 349
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Volume: 28
Number: 3
Journal: Water International
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ISSN: 0250-8060

demand, economic viability, irrigation systems, irrigationwater, planning, productivity, water allocation, water balance, watercosts, water management, water supply, water use efficiency, wateryield, Spain, Southern Europe, Europe, Mediterranean Region, DevelopedCountries, European Union Countries, OECD Countries, water resourcemanagement, water supplies, Natural Resource Economics (EE115) (NewMarch 2000), Policy and Planning (EE120), Soil Water Management(Irrigation and Drainage) (JJ800) (Revised June 2002) [formerly SoilWater Management], Water Resources (PP200)

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