Water-reform strategies in Iran’s agricultural sector.

Book Title: NA
Year Published: 2004
Month Published: NA
Author: Karimkoshteh, M. H. ; Haghiri, M.
Book Group Author: NA

This paper first presents a brief overview of the water resources and water use in the world, and the relationship between irrigated arable areas and total grain production worldwide. The major part of the paper presents an economic analysis of water supply and demand in Iran's agricultural sector. Based on this analysis, water-reform strategies and policy implications are presented.

Pages: 327 - 346
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Volume: 3
Number: 3
Journal: Perspectives on Global Development and Technology
Journal ISO: NA
Organization: NA
Publisher: NA
ISSN: 1569-1500

agricultural policy, crop production, demand, irrigation,irrigation water, water policy, water resources, water supply, wateruse, Iran, West Asia, Asia, Middle East, Developing Countries, ThresholdCountries, water supplies, watering, Agricultural Economics (EE110),Natural Resource Economics (EE115) (New March 2000), Policy and Planning(EE120), Plant Production (FF100), Soil Water Management (Irrigation andDrainage) (JJ800) (Revised June 2002) [formerly Soil Water Management],Water Resources (PP200)

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