Today’s irrigators face great challenges and uncertainty. Limited freshwater resources are in decline. Knowing more about how, where, and when to irrigate is only becoming more important to sustain businesses, ecosystems, and livelihoods.

Just like the force, water binds us together. The engagement and expertise of a diverse community spanning the irrigation sector gives rise to a new hope for a more water and energy efficient and sustainable future.

Join us for a webinar showcasing four IIC-supported research projects and the value they bring industry and other partners through collaboration…


The economic impact of the irrigation industry: George Oamek, Headwaters Corporation


Scalable, cost-effective soil moisture monitoring:  Trenton Franz, University of NE-Lincoln

Closing the loop on plasticulture: Charles Hillyer, Fresno State University

Connecting field performance to watershed health: Dayle McDermitt, Nebraska Water Balance Alliance