Ag Water Conservation Policy Archive

Funding Programs for Water Management and Efficiency Measures

The Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) has played a significant role, in partnership with water users, States, and other interested parties, to help improve water resource management and the efficiency of water use in the western United States. The Mid-Pacific Region of Reclamation has three wat... Read More

Meeting Water Challenges in Idaho through Water Banking

Idaho authorized water banking in 1979. Today, a statewide water bank functions as well as local rental pools. Stored water and natural flows are traded. The water bank and local rental pools are used to meet the needs of irrigators suffering from drought induced water shortages, to meet instream... Read More

Using State Water Law for Efficient Water Use in the West

The prior appropriation doctrine, as adopted by water codes throughout the western states, creates water rights based on the time of appropriation. Under the prior appropriation system, water users must put water to beneficial use without waste, and may not sit on their rights without actually us... Read More