Ag Water Conservation Policy Archive

Water conservation in irrigation can increase water use.

Climate change, water supply limits, and continued population growth have intensified the search for measures to conserve water in irrigated agriculture, the world's largest water user. Policy measures that encourage adoption of water-conserving irrigation technologies are widely believed to make... Read More

Smarter irrigation in a drier century.

With global climate models indicating a further 20% decline in rainfall across southeastern Australia by 2030, irrigated agriculture, particularly in the southern Murray-Darling Basin, is suddenly facing an uncertain future. Water authorities imposed water restrictions on irrigated dairy farms, v... Read More

The multiple personalities of water conservation.

"Water conservation" means different things to different people and the principles of depletion and diversion are often confounded and misconstrued, particularly when the different perceptions of the value of water and units of analysis are involved. Many public policies and public and private in... Read More

Valuing risk: options in California water markets.

This paper discusses some of the challenges associated with hydroeconomic modelling. It focuses on the California Value-Integrated Network (CALVIN), a hydroeconomic optimization model of the California water system, and the Limited Foresight Netflow (LFN) model, a mathematical programming model t... Read More